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Real-Time Streaming Data Changing Rapidly Over Time 

Live Earth is the world’s leading multi-layer time series data analytics and visualization platform. It is built to drive improvements in safety and security, optimize operational efficiency, reduce risks, and increase revenue opportunities.

If you run a business, you know the importance of collecting raw data about your customers, products and other important details. Doing so allows you to craft business intelligence and related insights so you can figure out what your business needs to succeed. To increase efficiency, your business can use analytics software to collect real-time business data, allowing you to make much more informed

Live Earth breaks down data silos by synchronizing all of your internal data with real world external data sources in the cloud and presents the correlated data on a common operational picture, time sequenced together historically and in real-time.

The Live Earth Analysis Engine ingests nearly 200+ million events per hour from multiple sources, simultaneously, with a variety of data update rates and different data stream latencies.  It is used to render and animate real-time data streams and analyze layers of time series datasets.

This level of visibility provides organizations with a means to quickly detect non-obvious correlations to make better and faster decisions.

The Live Earth Analysis Engine: What It Does

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Data Source Examples for Our Solutions

computer monitor with Live Earth Safety Security multi-platform

Safety & Security


Data Source Examples:

Video Management Systems

Alarms & Access Control

Physical Locations & Indoor Mapping

Law Enforcement (CAD, AVL, GSD, LPR)

Traffic Flow, Accidents & Construction

Social Media

Public Transportation & Flights


Weather, Lightning & Flood Sensors

RF Tracking Systems

Facial Recognition

computer monitor with operational efficiency live earth data

Operational Efficiency


Data Source Examples:

Facility & Asset Locations

Personal GPS & Radios

Fleet & Asset GPS Tracking

IoT Devices, Sensors & Systems

Video Management Systems

Weather, Lightning & Flood Sensors

Public Transportation

Social Media

Brand & Customer Sentiment

Internal Static Data

Heatmaps of Ingress & Egress

computer monitor with live earth financial dashboards

Financial Data Insights


Data Source Examples:

Physical Locations of Branches & Assets

Transaction & Claim Data

KPI & OLI Data

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Customer Sentiment & Reputational Risk

Social Media

Public Transportation

Weather, Lightning & Flood Sensors

Pandemic/Crisis Data Sources

Internal HR Data

Risk Events

Real-Time Awareness with Multi-Correlated Data Visualization

Understanding Real-Time Business Data and Visual Analytics

Real-time business data is when a program displays data related to your business as it happens. For example, you may want to collect information about your customers in order to see your profits increase as they make purchases. Visual analytics is when these programs present you with visualized data so you can see things for yourself and analyze any trends. Some of these programs will present integrated insights so you can compare your business’s current performance to its past performance.

Improve Your Optimization

Data analytic tools matter because they can help you with optimization. If you notice that customers mainly make purchases from your business during the evening, then you can review the historical data to see if it’s consistent. If it is, you can focus your business analytics on what other factors may be contributing to this trend to see how you can boost your sales during other hours.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Operations

As you collect big data and see it happen in real time, you can come up with actionable insight that will help you become more efficient. If your predictive analytics show that you gain more customers during the holidays, you can plan ahead and buy more inventory ahead of time.

Remember that data modeling and data management exist so you can make good decisions for your business based on the information available. If you use real-time business data and visual analytics, you can build your organizational goals around these important insights. 

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