Financial Data Analytics & Visualization for Data-Driven Decision Making


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Combine Real-Time & Time-Series Data for Advanced Insights & Visualization

Digital business trends and shifts in consumer behaviors require senior management to not only understand but to analyze and predict future performance issues based on complex tiered data sets. Management teams need the ability to ingest multiple layers of finance data and understand how these layers interact at points of time when business anomalies or alerts are presented.

With Live Earth teams can ingest multiple layers of time series data all linked together and alighted to provide both historic and real-time insights to trends, issues, anomalies, and critical events that can affect business outcomes. These data rich insights are then analyzed using real-time and predictive methods to determine the leading indicators that can be leveraged to make real business strategy improvements.

The Live Earth Platform: Key Features & Tools

Data Visualization Software & Real Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Users have the ability to create real-time alerts (via pop-up notifications, emails, and texts) for pre-defined scenarios either within a data layer or when events happen between multiple data layers.  This gives users the power to quickly respond to critical events that take place near key locations or assets or within their facilities. Users can also manage real-time alerts through the incident management tool within the platform giving them the ability to manage workflows and track response within assigned teams.

Publish & Share Instantly

Time is of the essence when it comes to critical information and making strategic decisions. Live Earth enables users to access and share information faster with the ability to export still images and video clips, or share fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information.  Users can easily share the information with internal or external resources to streamline the decision making process or manage active scenarios.

Interactive Timeline

With Live Earth’s interactive, visual timeline, users can rewind, pause, and closely review details around critical events. This provides tangible evidence supporting when and why decisions were made. Users can continuously improve incident response plans with incident reconstruction capabilities and analyzing data to better inform future processes with advanced data visualization software.

Real-Time Awareness Solution
That Scales Across Multiple Industries

Global Banks & Financial Institutions

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Insurance Companies

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Financial Data Insights Resources

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How RAG Alerts Are Used by Industries

Performance indicators are paramount in every business to help ensure that it is on the right track.  Learn how Live Earth makes RAG alerts easy to use and easy to view.

live earth safety and security software


How Financial Institutions Are Using Data Analysis for Fraud Prevention

It’s an arms race, with fraudsters defeating one technology or technique and data analysts and security professionals upping the ante with a tougher system to break. Learn how data analysis is helping with fraud protection and why it’s important.

live earth safety and security software


How to Assess Investment Risks With Street-Level Crime Insights

Good investment strategies factor into various data points in data-driven decision making. One of the many risk measures that companies need to consider before deciding to base their operations in a specific city or town is security.

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Why is data visualization important for marketing & sales?

The rift between sales and marketing is a result of not understanding each other’s work. The most incredible tool to solve the disagreement is data visualization. Data visualization is similar to architecture since it entails a blend of science and creativity. Take a closer look at the benefits of data visualization on sales and marketing.

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GIS Analysts Engage Data From a New Perspective with Greater Insight

GIS Analysts analyze spatial data through geospatial mapping software and design additional maps with geographic data and other available data sets. The role can be incredibly challenging with the enormous amount of data being collected that changes landscapes entirely. They need a reliable GIS visualization software to bring all this disparate data into a common operational picture to make faster recommendations.

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