Real-Time Business Intelligence Reporting for Operational Efficiency


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Real-Time Multi-Correlated Data Visualization & Analytics

Operations teams are constantly seeking to understand trends, gain valuable insights from available data, and learn new ways to improve performance while delivering world class service to customers, internal departments, and external vendors. Often this requires investments in additional big data sources and data analysis techniques to analyze activity, patterns, and trends that can lead to improved processes and delivery of service.  As more data layers and types are added, more complexities are created. Teams need to move between the disparate data sources to make sense of the respective data, often missing any interation between the layers. This presents clear challenges to making better decisions quickly.

With Live Earth, teams can ingest multiple layers of different data analytics from nearly any data source – internal or external – to gain deep insights and situational awareness of their operations.  Viewing time series data in concert of other data sources allows Live Earth to uncover patterns that can lead to more efficient processes for resource planning, improved risk management, leveraging mass communications systems, enhanced customer experiences and services, monitoring and managing assets proactively, and increasing an organization’s revenue assurance.

The Live Earth Platform: Key Features & Tools

Data Visualization Software & Real Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Users have the ability to create real-time alerts (via pop-up notifications, emails, and texts) for pre-defined scenarios either within a data layer or when events happen between multiple data layers.  This gives users the power to quickly respond to critical events that take place near key locations or assets or within their facilities. Users can also manage real-time alerts through the incident management tool within the platform giving them the ability to manage workflows and track response within assigned teams.

Publish & Share Instantly

Time is of the essence when it comes to critical information and making data-driven decisions. Live Earth enables users to access and share information faster with the ability to export still images and video clips, or share fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information.  Users can easily share the information with internal or external resources to streamline the decision making process or manage active scenarios.

Interactive Timeline

With Live Earth’s interactive, visual timeline, users can rewind, pause, and closely review details around critical events. This provides tangible evidence supporting when and why decisions were made. Users can continuously improve incident response plans with incident reconstruction capabilities and analyzing data to better inform future processes with advanced data visualization software.

Real-Time Awareness Solution
That Scales Across Multiple Industries

Global Banks & Financial Institutions

Gain instant actionable insights from critical events to better protect your employees and facilities from external threats. Learn more!


Better protect communities with data integration tools that provide actionable insight. Learn more!

Utility & Energy Companies

Monitor data sources across regions with a common operational picture visualizing multi-layer data correlation.  Learn more!

Transportation & Logistics

Leverage data visualization tools for enhanced situational awareness and improved asset protection.  Learn more!

Smart Cities & Connected Communities

Improve city safety with advanced GIS visualization software that supports a growing IoT ecosystem.  Learn more!

Operational Efficiency Resources

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Exponential Growth in Data Aggregation Needs BI Products to Consolidate Disparate Data

Filtering through all the noise is a clear challenge teams face across multiple departments, in a wide variety of industries. It is important to understand that with all the data being collected, the data sources come with their own software package to manage the data. Often these data sources are managed by independent apps and display screens. Live Earth platform aggregates all the data, correlates it, and presents the data on an interactive map that was developed with GIS mapping technology.

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Situational Awareness to Increase Customer Satisfaction

In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • How a single screen data visualization platform can integrate multiple data sources to organizations enabling them to respond faster and more accurately to potential problems 
  • How an IoT platform for organizations can provide alerts for key issues like weather and routing
  • How Live Earth’s analytics platform can provide forensic support to past events to understand why something occurred or how it could have been handled better
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Understand KPIs to Improve Success

Businesses need to understand their statistics and analyze them if they want to succeed.  In this article, we explain lag and lead indicators to help you see what they are and how they can affect your company’s success.

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Resource Planning in Project Management

Resource planning involves using your employees and time effectively. If you don’t use resource planning, then the process will take longer as miscommunication happens among your employees. Learn how Live Earth’s data visualization and real-time analytics will enhance your planning process and make resources more efficient.

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How Real-Time Data Can Transform City Services

In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • How a single screen data visualization platform can integrate multiple data sources to enable city officials to respond faster to their day-to-day operations and emergencies
  • How an IoT platform for smart cities can provide city planners and local leaders historical data driven insights to influence future policy making
  • How other smart cities have adopted new technology to better serve their communities with real-time IoT data visualization
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Real-Time Mapping Technology to Improve Day-to-Day Operations

In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • Common issues transportation and logistics companies face related to drivers, technology, and operational efficiency
  • How a single screen data visualization platform can provide fleet managers insight into risks along a route and any potential dangerous driving concerns 
  • How an IoT platform integrated seamlessly with an ELD or another sensor can converge and analyze data in real-time to increase fleet productivity, reduce risk, and keep drivers safe

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Enhance Public Transit Infrastructure with Real-Time Data Visualization

Building a strong public transit infrastructure is a layered approach with a variety of components that work to complete the bigger picture. Adopting hardware and software that integrate and speak to one another creates a technological environment where transit officials can visualize and make sense of important data.

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Smart City IoT Technology to Increase Efficiency

Smart cities that adopt waste management technology will become greener, cleaner and more efficient. Live Earth will decrease the strain currently put on waste management and drivers.

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