Public Safety


Take Back the Tactical Advantage

Protecting your citizens and officers on a daily basis and during critical incidents requires monitoring and managing multiple real-time systems simultaneously. The best way to accomplish that is to integrate all those systems on a single interactive map to reduce the risk of missing critical information. 

Speed up decision making in time-critical incidents for better outcomes for officers and civilians.

Layering public information with your private information systems in sync on a single pane of glass provides comprehensive situational awareness at a glance. This reduces the amount of time it takes to gather and analyze information, which in turn reduces decision-making and response times.

Live Earth for Public Safety

Rewind. Review. Respond.

Retrieve and analyze all relevant information in seconds—not hours or minutes. Rewind and review with the touch of a finger for an Instant Replay of how events and incidents unfolded. 

Leverage your existing information systems on the Live Earth IoT Visualization Platform to get the most out of them. Instant Replay provides instant historical context for immediate actionable intelligence.


Out-of-the-Box Solution

Live Earth is a complete, ready-to-use software package that integrates multiple real-time data layers that are immediately available to our customers. Our team works to ensure quick deployment, usually within a day, to provide a platform complete with alerts and tailored use cases without the need for additional engineering or project resources.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to learn and use, quickly integrating with existing workflows for a seamless transition.

 Be the first to know of threats and risks to police vehicles, fire trucks, public transportation and traffic incidents, all on a single screen.

Be the first to know of threats and risks to police vehicles, fire trucks, public transportation and traffic incidents, all on a single screen.

Analytics and Alerts

Live Earth alerts analysts (via pop-up, text or email) of events that meet predetermined criteria, both historically and in real time. This allows officers to respond faster to developing incidents with more complete information, as well as provides in-depth investigative support for ongoing cases.

Decision Making

Quickly review critical information and improve decision making in time-sensitive scenarios with the ability to export still images, video clips, and fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information.

Investigative and Forensic Support

Rewind and review how events and information unfolded with the interactive timeline. This provides a defensible stance for when and why decisions were made. Continuously improve responses by reviewing previous incidents for staffing and deployment suitability.