Event day is here! From the moment excited fans start to arrive to the minute the last employees leave, stadium operations teams are tasked with monitoring and interpreting mass volumes of data to maintain safety and security for their fans and staff. Executive staff have established systems in place and need a platform that integrates their current data streams without the need to upend current systems.

Executive staff face the challenge of monitoring anything from inclement weather to blaring concerts and need real-time data to make the most informed decisions. Live Earth comes with ready to use live layers like public transit and lightning feeds that add rich context, and the partnership with HERE Venues provides users with advanced indoor mapping. Live Earth’s consolidated data visualization helps stadium operations teams leverage their current systems for improved security and situational awareness.

Live Earth is a real-time IoT GIS visualization platform that consolidates existing data feeds into a common operational picture. With a holistic view of stadium operations and their data gives staff greater situational awareness and actionable insight to proactively handle problems as they arise and add value to smart city software platform technology deployed through cities.



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