We’ve all heard the phrase, “Weather is unpredictable,” and most likely even used it ourselves. But this is no longer the case, as weather technology has greatly improved the accuracy of forecasts. Ground based, real-time technology has evolved to now provide the most up-to-date, accurate information. For events that factor in weather heavily, like open-air pro venues, a holistic picture of their operations coupled with real-time information can help streamline daily efforts.

Considering the strict rules regarding weather and events, particularly for open-air venues that are more susceptible to inclement weather, stadium operations teams need the most accurate, timely information. Having insight into hyper-local weather information helps teams preemptively create a plan of action and prepare for changes. This course puts them in a strong position to quickly understand threats as they arise or that may be predicted, instead of reacting to these changes. Leveraging this technology helps mitigate costs, strengthen internal communication, and improve safety and security for fans and staff.

Live Earth in partnership with Fathym brings real-time and predictive WeatherCloud data to our markets. The Live Earth platform is a real-time IoT visualization tool that consolidates data streams and sensors into a common operational picture. With extensive live layers, including IBM’s weather satellite, radar, tropical storm data, and Earth Networks accurate lightning feeds, we give context to the user’s private data streams. Through Fathym and our partners, Live Earth users have access to accurate weather on a global scale all the way down to local street level.

Want to learn more about Live Earth’s integration with Fathym? Visit Fathym’s dedicated Parter page.

Fathym’s predictive weather technology loads forecasts ground based temperatures, precipitation, and even wind, giving stadium operations teams the ability to look at predicated conditions on the day of the event. By visualizing the future weather patterns and understanding current conditions,  executive staff gain actionable insight to better prepare for inclement weather before problems arise.

Changes in weather are giving us all a run for our money. While it can be difficult to predict frequency and intensity in a world where weather seems to be getting stronger, new technologies and partnerships—like Live Earth and Fathym—bring attainable insight to disruptive weather.

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