Data Visualization for Telecommunications

Operationalize Your Digital Network

Faster and More Comprehensive Data Analytics Drives Better Business Decisions

Telecommunications companies need to quickly access and integrate quality data from multiple sources in order to effectively manage and optimize their vast network operations.

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Real-Time Data Analytics to Manage Assets, People and Transactions

Live Earth’s data streaming solution provides network organizations with access to real-time signals to make better business decisions. This advanced analytics solution drives predictable results and performance improvements based on historical insights and real-time current events.

By leveraging Live Earth’s ability to correlate data from disparate systems, telecom teams can develop forecasting models to anticipate how weather may impact services, where new digital operational centers are needed and where traditional retail stores should migrate to fully digital channels.

How Live Earth Helps Telecommunications

Optimize Your Network

Use Live Earth’s interactive heat mapping capabilities to improve integral operational decisions.

Manage Data

Live Earth unifies large quantities of data sets from multiple sources so telecom companies can see a common operational picture of their business.

Forecast & Respond

Telecom business teams can draw insights from customer sentiment, network performance, external events, sales patterns and more with Live Earth’s unified data streaming.

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