Instant Insight to Complex Systems

Managing transportation and transit systems for a city, state or region requires monitoring and managing multiple complex live data feeds, everything from weather and parking to traffic incidents and signal management.

  • Sensors and devices
  • Public transportation (buses, ferries, trains)
  • Air traffic
  • Emergency vehicles (any vehicle with AVL)
  • Snowplows
  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD)
  • Interactive traffic flow, incidents and cameras
  • Local weather and weather alerts
  • Lightning strikes
  • Condition sensors



All In One Place

Live Earth’s real-time mapping platform with INRIX transportation analytics brings instant insight and powerful visualization to the transportation industry. Live Earth synchronizes data from multiple IoT devices, sensors and systems onto an interactive map to provide a single fused interface for ultimate command and control.

Monitoring these synchronized data streams holistically makes your operations center far more effective. Being able to also manage these systems through Live Earth increases efficiency. Command and control in real time from a single pane of glass—it doesn’t get easier than that.

Live Earth streamlines operations, shortens decision cycles, and reduces response times, while saving money and manpower. Unleash the power of your operation with the most powerful Big Data analytics platform on the market.

Available Now

Live Earth is a complete, out-of-the-box solution, ready to visualize your data today*.


Live Earth comes with an interactive timeline that lets you rewind and review with the touch of a finger. This Instant Replay of recent events enables simple rapid review, enhanced situational awareness, scenario reconstruction and incident analysis. 

With Live Earth’s interactive timeline, you can rewind and replay any incident or set of time series data. Review data from your streaming feeds moments (or days) after an incident occurs or upload a series of previously collected data points to get a clearer idea of what happened with comprehensive context. It’s your data—get more out of it with Live Earth.

*Live Earth has specific hardware requirements; contact us to learn more.