Instant Insight to Complex Systems

Managing transportation systems for a city, state or region requires complex monitoring of multiple live data feeds including everything from weather and parking to traffic flow and accidents

Live Earth's real-time mapping platform with INRIX transportation analytics, brings instant insight and powerful visualization to the transportation industry

Live Earth synchronizes data from multiple systems, on an interactive map, and combines INRIX traffic intelligence, parking services and traffic cameras to provide a single fused picture allowing organizations to understand quickly and act fast

Live Earth also provides “instant replay” to allow synchronous play, pause and rewind of data layers on a map. This provides a powerful way to visualize and leverage the traffic intelligence you already depend on  

With the swipe of a finger, you can animate hours of traffic congestion at various speeds for better insight into overarching traffic patterns

See congestion build up in real-time, view live video of developing incidents, respond faster to clear roads and prevent further accidents

With Live Earth and INRIX, the transportation industry now has a powerful tool to visualize moving assets, changing traffic conditions and live video feeds, across an entire city, state or region

Live Earth streamlines operations, shortens decision cycles and reduces response times, while saving money & manpower