Use Cases: Real-Time Data Visualization to Enhance Situational Awareness

Live Earth is a real-time data visualization tool that streamlines operations across multiple industries.

Using Real-Time Data Visualization To Streamline Employee Evacuation and Protect Your People


Global facilities with employees all over the world rely on up-to-date information to make informed decisions during critical moments. Security teams face the challenge of finding and addressing these issues as they arise. Real time data visualization tools can enhance asset protection and empower security teams with actionable insights.

Enhance Security with Technology at K-12 Schools


Security for K-12 schools is a mounting concern for school administration, students, and parents. Reportedly 81% of students have concerns about violent attacks on their campus. A real-time data visualization platform that consolidates existing security systems in place at K-12 schools can improve security measures and enhance awareness.

Smart Transportation Technology Enhances Public Transit Infrastructure with Real-Time Data


Urban areas are developing at a rapid pace. As city populations increase, the need for reliable, secure public transit increases. Transit operators tasked with keeping systems running smoothly can leverage a smart city data visualization platform to improve operations.

Unpredictable Weather Still Poses as a Problem for Transportation Fleet Operators


The trucking industry is responsible for transporting 70% of the country’s freight, making it a significant driving force in the economy. However, truck drivers face unpredictable situations, such as weather, which can negatively impact shipments. Fleet managers require real-time location intelligence, vizualization, and situational awareness to better monitor conditions surrouding their fleet.

Real-Time Common Operational Picture Offers Stadium Directors Advanced Data Insights on a Single Screen


Stadium executives are tasked with creating a safe environment for fans to convene and enjoy the game day experience. To do this, they must watch activity both in and around the stadium, and closely monitor adverse weather events, such as lightning. A common operational picture that consolidates a stadium’s existing systems onto a single pane of glass empowers operations teams to see all their data streams in context, for improved situational awareness.

A True Emergency? Real-Time Alerting Improves Awareness for Security in Facilities


When an alarm goes off in the middle of the night, the operations manager is responsible for assessing the alarm and turning it off. The only way to turn off the alarm and determine if it is a true emergency is to access the control room in the building, which potentially puts the manager at risk. A combined solution that leverages real-time data visualization can improve security for facility managers and allow them to safely triage a situation.

Improve Waste Management with Smart City Technology


As city populations increase, waste management must adopt a streamlined approach to better handle the new volumes of waste being produced. Cities can leverage IoT sensors placed inside of garbage trucks and trash bins to monitor waste levels and reroute trucks to only the bins that need it. With greater insight, waste management officials can optimize garbage routes and enhance efficiency.

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