The physical security environment is seeing rapid changes in technology. The incorporation of IoT sensor data is valuable in helping officials make more informed decisions, but only if the data is processed and presented in a way that makes sense.

In order to improve security for corporate campuses, universities, transportation and logistics, physical security requires real-time visualization to help make sense of incoming data streams like video management, GIS systems, indoor mapping, and traffic cameras.

Live Earth is a data analytics and visualization platform that provides a consolidated view of existing data streams on a single pane of glass. For the physical security environment, seeing data streams interacting in real-time enhances their ability to cross-check the incoming information and make more informed decisions. Live Earth, a data visualization software, generates customizable alerts that notify users in real-time about critical situations to help focus attention on the most important information. Leveraging this real-time data platform improves awareness and streamlines security measures.

Want to learn more about how Live Earth enhances asset protection with improved situational awareness? Read out whitepaper Leverage Data to Protect Your Staff and Facilities.

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