See Our Data Streaming Platform in Action

Live Earth videos illustrate exactly how the platform sources and unifies millions of data points in one easy-to-navigate solution. Whether you want to monitor activities in real-time or view historical data from past events, Live Earth offers visual solutions for a range of industries. Check out our platform’s capabilities below.

See Live Earth in Action

Aerial Administration

The 2D & 3D Digital Twin Model of NYC & Northern Europe for Command & Control of Aerial Vehicles and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) Drones.                           


Aggregate time series data of environmental infrastructure like stream gauges, wind patterns, and earthquakes. Taking advantage of macro and micro level viewing resolutions.


Identify the root cause of non-obvious impacts to aviation fuel supply by a hurricane hitting the gulf coast of the US knocking out power supply to pumping stations suppling fuel to the Virginia area.


Chronic network issue identified from correlating, brand sentiment, social unrest, and network data that would otherwise not be detected as an outage with the existing network monitoring.

Track and Trace

Use disparate data, correlations, and machine learning to identify the impacts to different industries reopening during COVID. Including merchant sales data, hospitals capacity and PPE, and foot and vehicle traffic from live camera feeds.

Drone Tracking

Explore the powerful capabilities of Live Earth’s third-party integrations for detecting moving assets, both authorized and unauthorized. Witness the seamless tracking of liftoff for drones and other mobile assets through integrations. Learn how alerts are generated upon geofence breaches and get an in-depth look at tracking specific asset details. Stay tuned as we closely monitor the movement of this device along its designated track.

Flights and Shipping

Explore Live Earth’s capabilities in data sources, geofences, and advanced filtering. Learn to pinpoint specific entities within data sources and refine them based on geofences and other criteria. Visualize and analyze data within precise political boundaries, and filter and graph entities across multiple data sources. Revolutionize your geospatial insights with Live Earth’s real-time data feeds and advanced analytics.

5G Battlefield

Outmaneuver the competition with a 5G dashboard. See in real-time where your 5G rollout is performing relative to the competition based on sales, consumer sentiment, and 5G coverage.

California Fires

Progressions of air quality, fires, wind direction altogether with critical infrastructure such as power lines/generation, cell towers, etc. This is the only platform that is bringing many dimensions together dynamically.


Track storms, power outages, and service response to improve QoS. Monitor data sources across regions with a common operational picture visualizing correlated multi-layer data.

Financial Services 1

Combing social unrest, foot traffic, and brand sentiment around a major retailer to understand leading signals that contribute to counterparty and market risk.

Financial Services 2

Fraud and risk signal indicators across in-person branches and payments channels. Identify check cashing fraud rings across adjacent bank branches and the impacts of a hurricane on consumer credit card, P2P and ACH payments.


Tracking of insured companies and individuals allows pre-event risk assessment, faster claims response and operational planning.

Control Automation

Combine real-time streaming data like social sentiment, call center trends, geographical based IT systems issues to determine the root cause of non-obvious operating problems.


Use leading indicators to create a quantitative and visual picture as your commercial construction progresses. Correlate your logistics supply line over shipping, and trucking, to see the real-time progress of your project.

Construction Management and Monitoring

The Live Earth Data Platform offers an exceptional solution for construction management, particularly in projects with extensive participation. Demonstrated through the Dubai Convention Center case study, this platform leverages live and historical camera feeds and status data for real-time monitoring and decision-making.

Emergency Response

Roll back time-series data to identify the perpetrator of a shooting while improving first responder safety. Instant operational insights in real time and for after action reporting.

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