3D Measurements

The ability to measure in a 3D space is beneficial to industries involved with planning and development. 3D measurement can provide insight on height and distance, and equips users with valuable knowledge such as line of sight for logistical planning.

How to Use 3D Measurement

To use the 3D measurement feature, navigate to the right-hand side of the screen and open the Map Controls section. Choose the “pitch and rotate” option to view the map in 3D, and navigate to the 3D object you want to observe.

In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, locate the measure feature and choose the desired tool to measure with. When the user clicks on two or more points on the map, the 3D measurement panel will open. Here, users can choose between three different ways measure.

Measurement Type 1: Terrain Following

This provides the user with the most precise distance by following the contours of the terrain.

Measurement Type 2: Horizontal Distance – As the Bird Flies

This provides the user with the most direct path between the two points as the line of measurement runs parallel to the ground. The yellow curtain offers greater visualization of the height and contours of the terrain.

Measurement Type 3: Line of Sight

This provides users with the shortest distance between the selected points on the map. When the user selects the points on the map, the red line of measurement will appear. In this measurement type, if any portion of the line is white, it represents where the line of sight would be obstructed, making it ideal for logistical planning.

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