Charts Feature

Companies that collect volumes of data on a daily basis need a way to analyze their information in a way that makes sense. Charts provide the necessary visualization needed for company teams to quickly digest the information. Live Earth’s charts feature allows users to create customized charts that change in real-time to reflect the data present on the screen.

Dynamic Views

Charts are dynamic, and change, based on the data visible on the screen. To gather insights on the bigger picture, users can zoom out to view the globe. For more concentrated insights, users can zoom in to the desired level and location to gather data solely in that area.

Create A Chart

To build a chart, navigate to the upper righthand corner of the screen and click on the Live Insights icon—this opens the chart window. Select the option to create a new chart. From here, users identify the type of data they want to chart, and can choose how the data is represented, such as a pie chart or bar graph.

Charts and Shapes

Users can also use the shapes feature to build customized boundaries in the platform to use in a chart. This limits the data so the chart only represents the information available within the shape to give users a hyper-specific view of their data. For example, in the event of a wildfire, a company concerned about its employees and facilities could draw a shape around the affected zone and see how many of their people and physical locations are at risk.

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