Layer Settings Feature

The Live Earth platform gives users the capability to change individual settings for a layer, or change all existing layer settings with global controls. Customized settings for each data stream empowers users to create a view that helps them focus their attention on the data that matters most to them.

Customize Global Preferences and Individual Preferences

To access layer settings, open the Live Layers panel located in the Apps section on the left-hand side of the screen. To access global layer settings, click the gear icon at the bottom of the Live Layers panel. To change settings for a specific layer, click on the Settings icon to the right of the layer. Layer settings may change based on the available data for a particular layer.

In the layer preferences, users can choose to change things such as icon size, history window, and visible range. Icons can be small, medium, or large on the screen. History window allows users to change the amount of historical data on the screen by moving the slider to choose a greater range in time. Visible range impacts what data will show in relation to the current zoom level.

From here, users can choose to change how the data is presented or apply tools that will help them better monitor movement. Turning on Tracks shows users the movement of an object over a period of time. The line width, color, and duration can all be changed in the Tracks tab. Heatmaps provides a way to see where data is clustered and can be used as an effective tool that enhances actionable insights. Users can turn on Labels to see the name of assets or entities on the man.

The ability to change each individual data layer empowers users to customize their view on the Live Earth platform to quickly identify assets and information on the screen. This helps narrow attention to the most relevant details, and can empower users to work faster and interact more efficiently with their data.

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