Shapes Feature

Companies seeking the capability to create customized shapes to use as parameters for facilities, ports, cities, transportation routes, stadiums and more can leverage an interactive mapping platform. The Live Earth platform allows users to create a variety of different shapes for multiple uses, with a major use being the ability to create alerts. Facilities can draw multiple boundaries and use them to build alerts to get notifications, like when an object enters or leaves that shape. This enhances awareness for companies and equips them with the tools to better monitor their operations.


Create a polygon anywhere on the map by clicking three or more points. These polygons can then be used as a geofence to generate customized alerts. To learn more about Live Earth alerts, click here.

Free Draw

The free draw tool allows you to draw any kind of customized shape on the map. Ideal for creating a shape around a facility that requires the curved lines that a polygon cannot accomplish. Like polygons, free draw shapes can be used for alerts.


Use the line tool to create straight lines anywhere on the map.

Circle and Square

To create either a perfect circle or a perfect square in the Live Earth platform, use the circle or square tool in the Shapes section.

To learn more about Live Earth’s features, click here.

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