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Unlock a new level of efficiency and sustainability

with Live Earth's real-time geospatial analytics and AI-driven insights.

The Challenges of Modern Waste Management

Today's waste management industry faces unprecedented challenges—complex logistics, increasing regulatory oversight, and a pressing need for sustainability. Live Earth empowers you to meet these challenges head-on.

Why Live Earth is the Solution

Geospatial Route Optimization

Drastically reduce your fleet's operational costs and carbon footprint through Live Earth's AI-driven geospatial route optimization.

Waste Generation Prediction

Proactively allocate your resources with our AI, which analyzes multi-modal data to forecast waste generation hotspots.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor the environmental impact of your operations in real-time and act on actionable insights.

Real-Time Observability

Secure your facilities and optimize incident response with real-time monitoring capabilities, backed by Live Earth's extensive experience in providing observability solutions to public safety sectors.

Features and Benefits


Improved route planning can lead to up to 20% reduction in operational costs.


Real-time monitoring and reporting help you stay ahead of regulations.


Integrated video feeds and anomaly detection ensure the security of your facilities.


Data-driven insights to improve your environmental footprint.

LiveEarth transformed our waste management operations. The real-time insights have made us more efficient and sustainable.

John Doe,

CEO of XYZ Waste Management

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