In a crisis, constant communication is a key factor in quickly and effectively resolving the issue. But during these tense moments, communication can become the furthest thing from the mind. Creating a balance between jumping into action and taking the time to communicate is a necessity to ensure swift resolution.

For industries that hold large events, like convention centers or stadiums and pro-venues, the need for fast communication becomes more critical, as fans and attendees are at risk. Executive staff, security, and employees at all levels need accurate and frequent communication to ensure that every unit is updated and aware of their role in handling the problem. To create order and make the most of communication, industries that could easily face crisis need to adopt technology that enhances communication, not hinders it.

Stadium Security Systems — Is There A Slowdown In Data?

The current security system sees separated data streams and operations teams corroborating data visualized across a multitude of screens. Cross-referencing important details is slowed, meaning precious minutes tick away. Directors need a way to immediately access information and see the circumstances surrounding a problem.

For an example, an alarm triggered by unauthorized door access would ping on one system. While one employee pulls up video feeds surrounding this door and rewinds them to get further details, another is grabbing surveillance for the entire floor. Another individual has the responsibility to get in contact with security and send a team to triage the alert. With so many moving parts, it can be challenging for a director to see it happening at once, and even more difficult to communicate through so many individuals to be certain the right course of action is taken.

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What if directors could adopt a system that incorporates real-time alerting? Executive staff could direct their attention to problems as they arise and communicate immediately with their team to determine a strong action plan.

A Real-Time Solution That Empowers Communication Rather Than Impeding It

Live Earth is a real-time IoT platform that consolidates and visualizes existing data streams onto a single pane of glass. The platform has customizable alerts, instant replay for forensic analysis, and advanced information sharing. Live Earth’s publishing function empowers users to share information nearly instantly by taking screenshots, doing in-platform screen records, and sharing live links that can be sent to all employees to visualize the problem at hand.

Leveraging real-time technology that has developed features to expedite communication can make the difference in how problems gets resolved. When time matters most, industries need a platform that visualizes their system in a way that makes sense to easily understand and act on the data. These features direct users to the most relevant information to create greater situational awareness and the actionable insight needed to effectively handle problems and keep everyone safe.

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