The rift between sales and marketing is a result of not understanding each other’s work. The most incredible tool to solve the disagreement is data visualization. Data visualization is similar to architecture since it entails a blend of science and creativity. The most basic layer of data visualization is the abstraction layer. Thus, it is translating complex data into different visual forms that make the data easier to comprehend. In modern sales organizations, data comes in high volumes, velocity, and variety. Thus, data visualizations are the best way to quickly and efficiently consume data.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of data visualization on sales and marketing.

Reduces Miscommunication

Most management errors are caused by miscommunication. Miscommunication in management can be solved by having all the teams work together with the same data visualization and analytics tool. Thus, all the teams will have the exact source of information and will have a similar interpretation of data.

Data visualization will also increase communication in your team through coaching. All managers need to have visual communication skills. For sales managers, it is difficult to let the sales reps know where they are going wrong. Data visualizations ease this process since they are not only easily understandable but also intuitive. Thus, sales managers can easily coach sales reps.

The communication benefit also helps the executives who want to know about high-level information from the sales managers. The information is mostly provided in Salesforce reports. However, sales managers will consume a lot of time while creating these reports. The executives, on the other hand, will have a confusing time while reading the reports. Both parties have a hard time while going through the report, but nothing is done to discover the reasons why. When data visualization is adopted, sales managers can communicate clearly and accurately. Subsequently, the executive will quickly understand the visualization more easily than the complicated Salesforce report.

Makes Patterns Visible

In organizations whose data is coming from one source, data visualizations play a critical role. The modern marketplace has evolved to work in conditions where the sales and customer data is streamed from the Salesforce report. Additionally, without data visualizations, it is impossible to find the correlations between different data sets.

Data visualization can also be used to find the relationship between marketing, sales, and customer service. A combination of disparate data sources to a sales performance platform will provide you with every visual metrics and KPI.

Enhances Data Interaction

Data visualization helps investors interact with data using their time and method. Business enthusiasts can categorize the data sources, depending on their authenticity and preferences. To facilitate easy analysis, other users can upload the data sources and store them on a dashboard. The dashboard needs to be visually attractive for users to understand the data and make rational decisions. For maximum profits, businesses need to develop appealing data visualizations for their clients and users.

Data visualizations work. Incorporate them into your organizations, and the sales and marketing teams will benefit from it.

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