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Data is useless without context.

— Nate Silver, statistician, author

Powering enterprises with insights captured from live data streams, predictive analytics, and real-time alerts.

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Live Earth leverages AI technology and the industry’s most diversified, real-world dataset to give you real-time data insights and unprecedented control of your organization.

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How Live Earth Can Help

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ESG Risk Mitigation

Get real-time notifications of risk, scores, and proactive threats over time through time-series visualizations created via automatic sourcing of siloed ESG data.
Graphic of Fraud Anomaly Detection

Fraud & Anomaly Detection

Detect and react to fraudulent or anomalous activity, understand why the problem happened, and use predictive capability to be ahead of the curve for the next time.
graphic of banking controls

Banking Controls ​

Automatically source and structure siloed systems’ data and use predictive analytics to identify and address anomalies in daily operations.
Graphic of dynamic marketing

Dynamic Marketing

Reduce OPEX and dynamically adjust marketing campaign tactics using real-time payment transactions automatically sourced and structured with Live Earth’s data streaming platform.

"The geospatial time-series capabilities were exactly what we needed. Before Live Earth, we couldn’t assemble the ESG data in a timely manner."

Head of ESG Equity Research, APAC

How We Are Different

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Machine Learning

Apply advanced algorithms to help you detect patterns faster, understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’, and use predictive guidance to make better-informed decisions with machine learning.
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Unmatched Data Set

Enrich your data by tapping into the industry’s most comprehensive live and historic streaming dataset for unmatched operational clarity and proactive risk modeling.
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Real-Time Data

Analyze and navigate your data in real-time using rich and intuitive visualizations— get real-time alerts so you can act immediately and proactively mitigate risk.
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Data Aggregation

Aggregate and synchronize siloed data from sources that have never been aggregated before for enterprise-wide collaboration and a shared big picture view.

Give us a business objective.

We'll give you the controls.

Operationalize trends, risks, and opportunities faster with real-time data.


Utilize Live Earth’s real-time data streaming and analytics platform to lower your financial institution’s risk exposure and maximize revenue opportunities.


Forecast and respond to external events and efficiently manage digital operations with Live Earth’s real-time data insights and heat mapping technology.


Improve your Quality of Service (QoS) by visualizing real-time data to better track storms, monitor power outages and stay on top of critical environmental incidents.

Safety & Security

Harness Live Earth’s alert system to set up a command center with access to real-time data across multiple systems to actively monitor and protect your workforce.

Preparing Enterprises for the Unexpected

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