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IoT data analytics and visualization on a real-time interactive map developed using advanced GIS mapping software technology.

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Harnessing the Power of Data Across Multiple Industries

Public Safety

Better protect communities with data integration tools that provide actionable insight. Learn more!

Physical Security

Leverage data visualization tools for enhanced situational awareness and improved asset protection.  Learn more!

Smart & Connected Cities

Improve safety & reduce costs with GIS visualization software that supports a growing IoT ecosystem.  Learn more!

Venues & Campuses

Visualize all existing systems on a common operational picture to increase safety and security.  Learn more!

Transportation & Logistics

Monitor the location of assets and external conditions that could affect them.  Learn more!


Gain insights from multiple IoT sources with real-time visualization & proactive alerts.  Learn more!

What can you do with all of that IoT data?

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Featured Video: Real-Time Visualization for Physical Security

Live Earth connects multiple data sources on a single visual panel to help organizations and agencies manage risks before they threaten operations.

The platform seamlessly synchronizes data from multiple data sources and combines live data feeds into an interactive map, with added features like instant replay and real-time, customizable alerts.

Live Earth’s out-of-the-box solution contains a variety of real-time GIS overlays. These “live layers” automatically update as new information and data becomes available, empowering organizations to understand critical scenarios quickly to act fast.

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Use Case

A True Emergency? Real-Time Alerting Improves Awareness for Security in Facilities  Learn more!

Press Release

Live Earth Partners With the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) to Advance Operational and Technological Needs of Venue Operators and Security Personnel at Sports Venues  Learn more!


Your Smart City Ecosystem on an interactive map  Learn more!

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Live Earth pulls essential, time-sensitive information into one visualized platform, helping drive faster response time, save costs, and better prepare for the future with actionable intelligence.

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