IoT Visualization Platform for Real-Time Data Streams

Live Earth is a real-time mapping platform built to converge live data streams and time series data to one visual, interactive system, providing real-time alerts based on your rules.

The Live Earth platform empowers you to proactively manage risks

Our platform ingests millions of events from numerous sources in real-time and provides actionable intelligence for users, from alerts to built-in analytics, on one visual panel.

Transform the way you view, analyze, and respond to information and events

Live Earth can converge all of your systems on a single, interactive map. We support clients in Public Safety, Physical Security, Utilities, Transportation & Logistics, Smart & Connected Cities, and more sectors.

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Manage Risk and Operational Efficiency from a Single Screen


Live Earth connects any number and type of data sources on a single visual panel to help organizations and agencies manage risks before they threaten operations. The platform seamlessly synchronizes data from multiple sources and combines live data feeds into an interactive map, with features like instant replay and real-time alerts.

Live Earth’s out-of-the-box solution contains a variety of real-time GIS overlays. These “live layers” automatically update as new information and data updates are available, empowering organizations to understand critical scenarios quickly and act fast.

Harnessing the Power of Data Across Multiple Industries

Public Safety

Protect citizens and officers with real-time monitoring systems integrated on a single platform

Physical Security

Comprehensive situational awareness reduces decision-making and response times.


Extract actionable knowledge from multiple sources with real-time visualization and proactive alerts.


Monitor the location of assets and external conditions that could affect them.


Integrate routes, conditions, traffic, and location information for efficiency and cost savings.

Smart and Connected

Empower smart, connected cities to improve living conditions and safety for citizens.

Trusted By Organizations and Agencies around the World

Live Earth pulls essential, time-sensitive information into one visualized platform, helping drive faster response time, save costs, and better prepare for the future with actionable intelligence.

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Find out how Live Earth can connect your systems on a single interactive map with real-time visibility to proactively manage risks before they threaten your operations.

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Campus and Event Mangement

View 3D renditions of venues, traffic flow around venues, multi-story floor plans, live video foods, CAD events, and other events surrounding premises with Live Earth’s real-time mapping platform.

Hartford Police Department

Learn how Hartford Police Department has leveraged Live Earth’s platform to integrate all of its systems into a one-stop-shop tool that is used daily and has become a focal point of its command center management and helped solve high profile investigations.


What is Live Earth?

See how Live Earth’s real-time mapping platform unifies and visualizes critical information. The platform combines multiple live data feeds into an interactive map with instant replay, allowing users to manipulate geospatial data back and forth in time. 

Complete, out-of-the-box, secure big data platform built for your needs.