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Founded in 2015

Live Earth is a real-time data visualization and data streaming platform. Originally developed to equip U.S. Special Operations Forces with real-time visibility during classified operations, our common operational analytics platform is designed for enhanced situational awareness.

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"The geospatial time-series capabilities were exactly what we needed. Before Live Earth, we couldn’t assemble the ESG data in a timely manner."

Head of ESG Equity Research, APAC

How Live Earth Can Help

Reduce OPEX and dynamically adjust marketing campaign tactics using real-time payment transactions automatically sourced and structured.
Automatically source and structure siloed systems’ data and use predictive analytics to identify and address anomalies in daily operations.
Get real-time notifications of risk, scores, and proactive threats over time through time-series visualizations created via automatic sourcing of siloed ESG data.
Detect and react to fraudulent or anomalous activity, understand why the problem happened, and use predictive capability.

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