Automatic visualizations and insights by combining your business data with our real-world data.

What We Do

Live Earth is a real-time data insights, analytics, and visualization platform that drives business outcomes operating at cloud scale to enable faster decision making and reducing operational risk.  The Live Earth platform seamlessly layers complex data streams with millions of disparate data points and combines them on a common operational picture, providing users with intelligent insights at a glance.

Live Earth’s Intelligent Insights make data visible and usable by aggregating and visualizing metadata of one or multiple data sources (or layers) in an intuitive display format, enabling users to easily evaluate a complete scene.  With the addition of a proprietary data sequencing and storage system, Live Earth Intelligent Insights are derived in real-time and over a span of time series interactions.  This enhanced visualization advances industries globally with increased safety and security, operational efficiency, and revenue assurance.

Live Earth is trusted by organizations and agencies around the world to make time critical decisions with real-world impact.

Live Earth Quickly Explained

Unite your command centers, synchronize processes, and digitize functions with Live Earth’s advanced data visualization platform. Live Earth brings millions of time series, synchronized data sources together historically and in real-time and presents them on a common operational picture.

Virtually any time series, geo-temporal data can be leveraged using the Live Earth platform.

Situational Awareness

Real-time correlation of multi-layered data sources on an intuitive interactive GIS map.

Analytical Insights

Leverage time series data with deep analytics and rules based alerts, charts, and reports instantly.

Actionable Intelligence

Rules based insights drive immediate responses with  incident management & sharing functionality.

Who We Help

Live Earth’s focus is to help our customers implement the best, software-agnostic, unified common operational platform that consolidates an organization’s disparate data sources and time series data layers leading to more informed decisions and faster response by having a complete picture of what is happening historically and in real-time.  The Live Earth Analysis Engine brings together 3rd party data from around the world with a customer’s proprietary operational data.  That data is time series, correlated, and analyzed in real-time and made available for deeper insights, visualization, alerting, and automation.

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The Live Earth platform is a key technology solution for multiple industries.  The platform includes operational dashboards for executives to manage their business trends in real-time while also providing a key operations security platform for security professionals to protect employees and assets.  Our customers benefit from increased safety and security across their organization, reduced operational risk through rapid and proactive responses to critical events, and by driving increased revenue and KPIs through real-time visibility of key metrics and external variables.

Safety & Security

Protect What Matters Most

Prepare, Monitor, & Respond to Critical Events

Integrate physical locations of people, places, and things with safety and security technologies like alarms & access controls, video management systems, transportation, social media, drones, weather & lightning, CAD, AVL, gun shot detection, and more.

Operational Efficiency

 Increase Business Continuity

Optimize Operations & Increase Quality of Service

Integrate the locations of facilities, fleets, assets, and employees with other data sources like GPS, IoT devices, sensors and systems, transaction data, customer sentiment, social media, news, weather and radar, public transportation, and more.

Financial Data Insights

Maximize Revenue & Risk Management

Historical Insights with Real-Time Visibility

Integrate historical time series data and real-time transaction data from brick and mortar facilities, assets, and digital devices with internal business rules and other real-world data like social media, weather, public transportation, crisis data, and more.

Our Customers