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The Operations Cloud that leverages your internal and our real-world data to manage your digital and physical operations.

Faster decisions, increased efficiency and reduced risk driven by real-time data intelligence.


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Live Earth is a business intelligence product developed using open source mapping software GIS. The Live Earth Analysis Engine brings together millions of data points from any source to enable better data analytics and visualization, decisions, and automation. Live Earth ingests data in real-time from virtually any data source, correlates and analyzes that data, and provides advanced data visualization with a complete operational picture of what is happening in your business or jurisdiction for better decision making and automation.

Full Operational Visibility

See what is happening, in real-time, based on your data and our real-world platform data.


Analytical Insight

Decide faster by leveraging Analytics, Machine Learning, and Alerts.



Act immediately with integrated automation and control capabilities.


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Business Unit Managers

The Operations Cloud for Digital/IoT Ops

Increased Automation & Better Decisions

Leverage all operational/IoT operations management data and our real-world data analytics and visualization to drive better decisions, increased automation, and deliver results.


Enterprise Security

Employee & Asset Protection for Your Business

Protect Your Most Important Assets

Reduce risk with data visualization software providing full situational awareness and critical event management of key assets by geography. 


Smart Cities & Public Safety

Actionable Intelligence for Agencies

Protect & Serve

Integrate smart city technology, infrastructure, video, police systems, gun shot detection and more so that first responsers are the first to know.


Real-Time Data Visualization to Protect Your Most Important Assets

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We are mission driven and customer focused.

Originally built for the US military under classified operations to provide full situational awareness for their missions. The platform has been developed with nearly a decade of R&D under DoD contract. Battle tested and proven for managing highly dynamic, mission-critical operations. Learn how our products can help enhance your business intelligence!