Enhance Financial Security and Operational Insight

with Live Earth’s Advanced
Real-Time Analytics

Elevate your Financial Institution

Data Security

Risk Management

Customer Service

With Live Earth, banks integrate disparate systems for a seamless customer experience.

The Challenges of Financial Sector Security

Financial institutions face critical challenges such as cybersecurity threats, physical security breaches, and the need for instant fraud detection. Live Earth's real-time analytics provide a sophisticated solution to navigate and mitigate these risks.

The Platform Solution for Financial Institutions

Transaction Visualization

Identify and investigate suspicious transaction patterns in real-time across multiple

locations and platforms.

Physical Security Monitoring

Integrate surveillance systems with geospatial data to secure physical assets and branches worldwide.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Utilize predictive analytics to recognize and respond to fraudulent activities before they affect your bottom line.

Compliance and Reporting

Streamline regulatory compliance with automated monitoring and reporting tools designed for the financial industry.

Features and Benefits


Advanced data integration to fortify against both physical and cyber threats.

Risk Management

Real-time alerts and AI-powered analytics for rapid threat detection and mitigation.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize branch and ATM networks with geospatial planning tools.

Client Service

Leverage location intelligence to enhance client experiences and service delivery.

Live Earth in Action

Financial Services – Mitigate Risk

Combing social unrest, foot traffic, and brand sentiment around a major retailer to understand leading signals that contribute to counterparty and market risk.


Tracking of insured companies and individuals allows pre-event risk assessment, faster claims response and operational planning.

Control Automation

Combine real-time streaming data like social sentiment, call center trends, geographical based IT systems issues to determine the root cause of non-obvious operating problems.

With Live Earth's geospatial platform, we've transformed our approach to risk and security. We can now preemptively address issues and streamline our operations with their real-time insights.

Michael Roberts,

Director of Security Operations, BankSecure

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