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Companies leveraging IoT ingest volumes of data that contain valuable insights. However, important details can get lost in the mass amounts of data, making it imperative that companies have technology that can alert them to situations of high importance. The Live Earth platform supports customizable alerts that send notifications in-platform, through text and email when the alert is triggered. These alerts help focus attention and filter through the noise to quickly address problems before the situation worsens.

Alerts anywhere in the world

Users that work off global data that require notifications about circumstances that could take place potentially anywhere in the world can use the “Anywhere in the world” option in building an alert. This allows users to be notified immediately about important circumstances such as social events like a riot, an earthquake, weather events, or any other data available in Live Earth. Using this option quickly directs attention to global issues and helps teams get a better understanding of how the situation could impact operations and move quickly to put a plan in place.

Alerts from a shape, or multiple shapes

Users can create a shape in Live Earth and then use that shape as a geofence to generate alerts triggered by events solely in that shape. For example, if a user wants to be alerted to public transit arriving at a station, they can create a shape as a boundary and get notifications on movement within that shape, or entities entering or exiting that shape.

If a user is concerned with activity in multiple locations, they can create multiple shapes and use these to create a customized alert that notifies them about entities relating to these shapes. This helps further filter our extraneous details to help teams focus on the most important information on the screen. Using shapes for alerts helps users focus their attention and informs immediately of activity pertaining to one or more shapes.

Alerts near one or more location/addresses

Live Earth can generate alerts that relate to one or more locations/addresses. These are useful when companies want to have alerts that notify them of activity around their physical locations. This helps direct attention in times of weather events, such as a hurricane, or during social events, like a protest. Users can leverage these alerts to enhance awareness of situations taking place around their buildings that could threaten operations.

Alerts along a route

Users can receive alerts about situations happening along a predetermined route. Routes can be created on Live Earth by using the “Add Route” feature. From there, a user can create an alert as usual and choose the existing route as the focus of the alert. This adds another layer of insight for the transportation industry and provides a way to improve security measures for truck drivers and their vehicles along a route.

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