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More and more companies are turning to IoT technology for data that can provide useful information for actionable insights. Though data has great value, implementing sensors for a wide variety of data streams can become costly. More than that, separated data would likely get lost in silos and information would quickly become obsolete. The Live Layers panel provides users with a centralized location to access their consolidated data feeds and customize data layers to their individual preferences.

Live Layers Panel

Users can navigate to the Live Layers panel in the Live Earth platform for a complete list of data layers available. Each layer can be turned on and off with the “Eye” icon, and the settings for each layer can be independently changed. Here, users can set preferences for attributes such as icon size, tracking, and even heatmaps.

Out-of-the-box Layers

The Live Earth platform also comes with out-of-the-box Live Layers. These data overlays give users additional information and makes it easy for them to apply existing data to their operations.

Some out-of-the-box layers include:

  • Weather — Companies need real-time updates on weather events to understand how a weather event could impact their operations. Live Earth has both weather satellite and radar feeds to offer a deeper understanding for users. Harnessing this information helps companies make more informed action plans.
  • Traffic and Traffic IncidentsTraffic and accidents can majorly impact daily operations for many companies. Businesses can enhance awareness of traffic in and around their facilities with real-time data overlays.
  • Traffic CamerasLive Earth provides CCTV data feeds that come from both public and private cameras. These cameras are useful to users that want to better monitor around their facilities. For specific industries, such as law enforcement, leveraging more cameras improves their awareness.
  • Public TransitThe Live Earth platform comes with public transit systems, such as buses, trains, and routes. Companies that want to better understand how public transit works across a city can closely monitor these data layers. Public transit combined with traffic can provide a more holistic picture of transportation provided in a location.

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