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Companies oftentimes need a reliable, expedient way to share information with individuals both inside and outside of their organization. The ability to quickly communicate visual data to team members can improve workflows, enhance understanding of a situation, and increase productivity as a result. Live Earth offers multiple ways to share content from the platform to support better communication.


Live Earth users can use the share feature to capture a screenshot image of all data visible on the screen. These images can be exported as PNG files or PowerPoint files and are saved directly to the user’s computer. This allows for easy retrieval and gives leaders a way to communicate visual data with executives, other team members, or individuals outside of the company.

Live Links

Users can create Live Links to share a view of Live Earth and relevant data with members outside of an organization. Live Links allows users to customize the view of Live Earth that the recipient sees. These links helps individuals communicate with people outside their organization and provides an easy way to collaborate and discuss the data in Live Earth. When creating a link to share, users can choose a specific location, date and time, or they can choose to keep the timeline live, allowing the recipient to see the most recent data. Users can choose what data layers they want visible. All data layers that are turned off will not be visible to the recipient, and they cannot turn these layers on themselves. Lastly, Live Links expire after a certain period of time, with 30 days being the max that a link is active.


Live Earth allows users to create and save shortcuts, which are bookmarked views of a specific location that saves information that is important to the user, such as a date and time on the timeline, specific data layers, and even existing charts. To share shortcuts with members within an organization, navigate to the Share feature and choose, “Share Views.” From here, the user can select the shortcut(s) to send, and select the individual(s) they want to receive these bookmarked views. Sharing shortcuts provides a quick and easy way for team members in an organization to access the bookmarked views of their coworkers, ensuring that all team members are working with the same view and data.

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