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Eliminate software silos and data fatigue with the world’s leading data streaming platform

Accelerating and Improving
Enterprise Business Analytics in Real-Time

Live Earth is a leading data visualization platform built for multiple industries including telecommunications, utilities, financial organizations and safety and security. Our real-time, cloud-native platform helps enterprises increase operational efficiency, reduce risks and enhance the safety and security of people and assets.

Leverage Disparate Data

Live Earth fuses together data from multiple 3rd party sources, sensors and systems that include business indicators, internal and external data sources, weather, traffic cameras, IoT devices, transportation, video management and more.

Faster business data insights dashboard

Faster Business Insights

The platform provides an increased level of business intelligence visualization with real-time alerts to critical situations allowing organizations to respond quickly, increasing safety and improving operational effectiveness.

Easy-To-Use, Customizable and Extensible

The Live Earth dashboard is fully customizable and built using technology adapted from smartphones. No other data streaming analytics platform brings so much data from so many sources into a single, user-friendly dashboard, making data silos and data fatigue a thing of the past.

Live Earth is a data synchronization tool that seamlessly fuses together millions of real-time data sources and time series data onto an intuitive, interactive data visualization map.

Live Earth platform dashboard on computer screen

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