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Live Earth is an advanced data visualization platform that connects people, data, and things. We are a geospatial location intelligence SaaS company. We are trusted by organizations and agencies around the world to connect all of their disparate data sources, synchronized in real-time, and visualized on a common operational picture.

With business intelligence products as a key component to the overall technology strategy, platforms such as Live Earth provide organizations with the ability to make time critical decisions that have a real-world impact. Decisions that include increased safety, security and efficiency.

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Empower organizations and agencies with actionable intelligence by integrating your data and other real-time intelligence into Live Earth to provide our customers with enhanced situational awareness and business intelligence.

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Join us in delivering the world’s most powerful real-time visual operations center software to clients around the world. Enhance their existing software systems by consolidating all of their data onto a common operational picture. The benefits are endless!