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Data Visualization and Analytics: Tools for Safety and Security

Major enterprises devote considerable time and resources to security efforts and for good reason. Between the growth of cyberattacks in recent years and other threats to companies, thorough safety and security measures are essential. Developing security measures that can address all the relevant threats to your organization isn’t easy, though. That’s where data analysis and visualization software comes into play. 

Data visualization and analytics allow companies to transform large data sets into user-friendly, understandable graphics. By making it easier to glean insights from the data your company collects, data analysis and visualization software is an invaluable tool for safety and security measures. 

How Data Visualization Improves Outcomes

At its core, the goal of data visualization is to improve decision-making by presenting information in a way that people can easily understand and apply. The best way to effectively protect your organization against security and safety threats is to take the information you have and apply it to your security strategies. 

Here are some of the ways data visualization can help:

Identifying Patterns

Looking at a large data set with thousands or even millions of distinct data points, it’s incredibly difficult to pull out patterns and trends that might be relevant to your organization. Data analysis and visualization software can recognize patterns in your data and analyze them to help you get the most out of your data sets. Even unlocking a single previously unknown trend in your data sets could be instrumental in working toward better outcomes at your company. 

Share Insights Across Departments

Often, the data science team at a company is the one dedicated to collecting and analyzing data and then sharing those findings with the company leadership. Data visualization and analysis software makes it easier to present findings to employees in many departments across an organization, rather than isolating it to just a few groups. 

The best data visualizations tell a story that everyone can easily understand. When you present your data in a manner that’s accessible to more people in your organization, you may find that you get more out of that data and gain insights from unexpected places. 

Showcase Complex Relationships

In security and safety, you’re often looking at more than two or three variables. Data sets relevant to your security and safety strategies might include more than one million data points for instance, and it would be nearly impossible to present that information with standard visuals like line graphs or bar charts. 

Data visualization makes it possible to present complex relationships in a way that’s still very engaging and easy to understand. Using data visualization and analytics, you can explore complex data at a higher level and gain insights into the steps you should take to protect your organization going forward. 

Locate Errors

A visual representation of your data sets will help your teams identify inconsistencies or any other errors worth exploring further. You can’t correct errors until you find them, so using data analysis and visualization software to quickly identify errors will go a long way toward improving your data sets and analysis. Beyond accidental errors, this technology can also help you detect potential fraud incidents or security threats that show up as anomalies in your data. 

Faster Analysis

Traditional manual reporting is time-consuming and costly, especially when you’re dealing with time-sensitive data that changes quickly. By applying data visualization and analytics, you can speed up data analysis at your company to reach valuable insights faster. Speed is an essential component of tackling security and safety threats, so this technology can help you protect your organization and ensure better outcomes. 

Data Visualization and the Future of Safety and Security Measures

Big data is only growing in importance across industries, and it has applications in many departments within an organization, including safety and security. Since data analysis and visualization software is one of the best tools for unlocking the power of this data, it is paving the way for a better safety and security experience in the future.  

Going forward, companies will be able to use data visualization to improve their safety and security measures in the following ways:

Better Threat Assessment

Any safety and security measures rely on an organization’s ability to accurately assess and address potential threats before they happen. By using data visualization to get to the heart of big data sets, companies will be better equipped to assess threats based on patterns and analysis. A security team might use data analysis and visualization software to create a risk heat map, for example, which showcases areas in the organization that are most susceptible to threats. 

Stricter Compliance

Internal and external guidelines on safety and security measures aren’t very impactful unless companies manage to consistently comply with them. By visualizing data sets, you can find areas of noncompliance within your organization and address them before it’s too late. Machine learning in data analysis and visualization software will make it even easier for companies to discover and address noncompliance with safety requirements. 

Real-time, Predictive Analysis

Real-time data integration in data analysis and visualization software makes it so companies will be able to apply insights from their data while it’s current, not hours or days later. This technology doesn’t just offer insights from current data, however — it can also predict outcomes and help you visualize different scenarios. These functions enable companies to test responses to different safety and security threats to better develop effective responses to them. 

Final Thoughts

Any company can apply data visualization and analysis to get more out of their data and improve their security and safety measures. You don’t have to do it alone, either. Live Earth’s operational analytics platform integrates and visualizes data to optimize your workflows and discover actionable intelligence. Rather than relying on outdated safety and security measures, turn to Live Earth for the comprehensive data analysis and visualization software you need to ensure your company remains competitive now and into the future. Contact us to learn more about what Live Earth can do for you.

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