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2nd Largest Telecom Company in the US Chooses Live Earth

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Using Real-Time BI to Make Faster and Better Data-Driven Decisions

Live Earth, a global leader in streaming analytics software, has won a multi-million dollar contract with the 2nd largest telecommunications company in the USA.

As one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with thousands of retail locations throughout the United States, they were faced with the following challenges.

  • Increasing data at a rapid pace, yet limited data analysts to make good sense of it in order to provide the lines of business to make faster, better decisions,
  • No real world data to help them make decisions on external forces like weather, traffic, crime, retail trending, and major events, and
  • Lag in information from data preventing them from making decisions in the moment, and instead only looking at what happened to avoid it in the future (which we refer to as watching game film the day after the game, instead of adjusting during the first quarter). 

To solve these issues, their Innovation Team went on a pursuit to find a solution and partner to help them. They realized solving these issues would require assessing new technology and AI/ML platforms with an extensive technical and business due-diligence process.

After over a year of assessing all possible solutions, they chose Live Earth to help solve these issues. Along with solving these issues, they also highlighted the following as key differentiators.

  1. New product category of operational analytics versus typical data analytics (making decisions in real-time instead of studying the data after the fact). This gives them the capabilities to out maneuver competitors in real-time.
  2. Combining proprietary data with real-world data sets to provide sales, operational and risk insights, and
  3. Fast deployment through SaaS application model.

Live Earth was built for the toughest operating environments, ingesting massive data sets and providing real-time insights without massive teams of data scientists. The ability to provide peerless, artificial intelligence-based insights and controls has made Live Earth a trusted partner to large enterprises needing to make better decisions faster by leveraging actionable insights.

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