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Real-Time Actionable Intelligence & Incident Reconstruction

Unite your command centers, synchronize processes, and digitize functions with Live Earth’s advanced data visualization geo-temporal platform. Synchronizing all your internal and external data sources on a multi-layered interactive single pane of glass, provides you the advantage of greater situational awareness and increased intelligence with faster decision-making and response times, combined with deeper insights.

Live Earth brings advanced geospatial technologies to the world of physical security, public safety, and emergency management with state of the art, easy to use, GIS techniques and advanced analytic capabilities. 

The Live Earth Platform: Key Features & Tools

Data Visualization Software & Real Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Users have the ability to create real-time alerts (via pop-up notifications, emails, and texts) for pre-defined scenarios either within a data layer or when events happen between multiple data layers.  This gives users the power to quickly respond to critical events that take place near key locations or assets or within their facilities. Users can also manage real-time alerts through the incident management tool within the platform giving them the ability to manage workflows and track response within assigned teams.

Publish & Share Instantly

Time is of the essence when it comes to critical information management and making decisions. Live Earth enables users to access control and share information faster with the ability to export still images and video clips, or share fully interactive scenes that contain all relevant information.  Users can easily share the information with internal or external resources to streamline the decision making process or manage active scenarios.

Interactive Timeline

With Live Earth’s interactive, visual timeline, users can rewind, pause, and closely review details around critical events. This provides tangible evidence supporting when and why decisions were made. Users can continuously improve efficiency with incident response plans with incident reconstruction capabilities and analyzing data to better inform future processes with advanced data visualization software.

Real-Time Awareness Solution
That Scales Across Multiple Industries

Enterprise Security Centers

Gain instant insights from critical events to better protect your employees and facilities from external threats. Learn more!

Federal, State, & Local Agencies

Monitor millions of data sources across regions with a common operational picture visualizing the multi-layer data correlation.  Learn more!

Global Banks & Financial Institutions

Protect your most important assets from external threats with real-time visibility of facilities to manage safety. Learn more!

Smart City Surveillance

Build a smarter, safer city with integrated IoT solutions that collectively provide a comprehensive security solution.  Learn more!

Safety & Security Resources

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Adopting a Multi-Layered Platform Approach for Reduced Response Time and Improved Physical Security

Currently, most organizations are not taking advantage of time series data using a multi-layered platform approach. Analyzing real-time data from disparate layers is greatly enhanced using advanced geo-temporal techniques.

In this webinar, we will show a variety of use cases to help you understand how easily you can enhance the safety and security of your most important assets.

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How to Keep Employees Safe on Business Travel

When your colleagues need to travel for work, it’s important to keep employees safe. No matter whether your team will be traveling domestically or internationally, there is a wide variety of issues that could affect their health, safety, and well-being.

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How to Assess Investment Risks With Street-Level Crime Insights

Good investment strategies factor into various data points in decision making. One of the many risk measures that companies need to consider before deciding to base their operations in a specific city or town is security.

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Real-Time Alerting Improves Situational Awareness

Live Earth provides a holistic view to facility managers to quickly triage alarms by pulling up VMS, door access, indoor mapping, and other information systems of their facilities all at once.

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Real-Time Data Visualization to Streamline Employee Protection During Evacuations

Implementing a real-time physical security awareness & protection platform like Live Earth provides executives and their staff with the information they require to tackle serious issues expediently.

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Leverage Data Visualization to Protect Your Staff and Facilities

In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • How a single screen data visualization software can integrate multiple data sources to organizations enabling them to respond faster and more accurately to potential problems 
  • How a data analytics and visualization platform can provide alerts for key issues like weather and surveillance
  • How Live Earth’s analytics can provide forensic support to past events to understand why something occurred or how it could have been handled better
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Data Visualization & Advanced Analytics in Real-Time

Live Earth enables government and commercial customers to proactively manage the impact of the pandemic.

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Open Platform Designed to Enhance Technologies to Keep People Safe

Live Earth is an open platform that helps organizations consolidate all of their aggregated data sources – internal and external – and presents the multi-correlated data on a real-time map.

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Breaking the Mold of Traditional City Surveillance

The City of Calgary is building a smarter, safer city through integrated IoT solutions.

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Centralized Visual Data for Law Enforcement

In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • Enhanced situational awareness with high-speed alerts
  • Heightened comprehension and eliminate overload with live layers
  • Accelerated coordination with inter-agency operability
  • How to eradicate customer lock-in with vendor-agnostic tools
  • Scene reconstruction with intuitive evidence collection
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Understanding the Impact of a Visual Data Platform on Wildfire Response

In this white paper, you’ll learn about: 

  • Why wildfires are becoming more complex
  • How a visual data platform can provide better insights into managing wildfires before they spiral out of control
  • How a data visualization platform with rewind capabilities can provide a thorough assessment to better understanding of when, where, and how future wildfires may strike

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