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Reduce Customer Impact of Application Downtime with Live Earth

Woman Looking at Smartphone wondering why Facebook is not working

Application crashes are some of the most highly feared incidents in today’s digital infrastructure. Whether due to code errors, virus attacks or network issues, developers and IT teams must remain diligent in all aspects of an application’s governance to ensure uptime is paramount.

Earlier today, CNN reported that, “Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all suffered outages midday Monday, according to public statements from the three Facebook services.” Without proactive communication issued by the apps, users had to guess as to what was causing their programs to error out. It’s likely many blamed their devices instead of the platforms.

With Live Earth social sentiment ratings, companies are alerted to the news article in real-time and could have notified impacted customers about the outage, thus preserving the user experience and avoiding negative brand impact. They could also have communicated when the platforms were available again, showing they were on top of the outages and remediation.

Live Earth is a real-time data streaming platform that ingests millions of events, using alerts to notify users about critical situations. For more information, contact us today!

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