Empower Your Retail Security Operations

with Live Earth’s Cutting-Edge
Real-Time Geospatial Intelligence

Geared for Retail Operations



Harness the power of real-time geospatial analytics and AI-driven insights.

The Challenges of Retail Security Operations

Navigating the complexities of retail security operations demands sophisticated solutions. From theft prevention to emergency response, LiveEarth offers unparalleled situational awareness to address these multifaceted challenges.

Why LiveEarth is the Solution for Retail GSOCs

Monitoring for Store Networks

Enhance your security coverage and response times with Live Earth's comprehensive geospatial monitoring for sprawling retail networks.

Customer Traffic Heatmaps

Utilize dynamic heatmaps to understand customer flow and improve safety and store layouts.

Incident Management

Streamline your incident response with real-time alerts and coordinated action plans, making your retail environment safer for both your customers and staff.

Predictive Analytics for Loss Prevention

Leverage AI to identify potential theft and fraud before they happen, enabling proactive loss prevention strategies.

Features and Benefits


Streamline security operations and reduce response times with intuitive real-time data visualization.


Ensure that your security measures adhere to the highest standards of retail industry regulations.


Leverage integrated video surveillance and anomaly detection to maintain a secure environment for shoppers and employees.

Customer Experience

Use geospatial data to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Live Earth's platform has revolutionized our approach to retail security. The real-time geospatial insights have significantly improved our operational efficiency and customer safety.

Jane Smith,

Head of Security at Retail Giant Co.

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