Live Earth Safety and Security

Gain Unprecedented Visibility and Control in Real-Time

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Real-Time Alerts

Harness Live Earth’s powerful alerts system to actively monitor and protect your enterprise and improve your organization’s situational awareness.
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Integrate Disparate Data

Leverage data from multiple sources so you can stay on top of crucial internal and external risks.
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Unified Command Center

Monitor vast amounts of data from disparate systems and generate real-time alerts in one place for improved response time and actionable insights.

"It’s situational awareness at a glance. You can look at it across the room and see what hot spots there are, where things are happening. It’s pretty important for us."

Sgt. Major Police Department in United States

Protect, leverage data and improve response time.

Mitigation through Awareness

In today’s modern technology landscape, protecting your enterprise is a 24/7 job. Your organization needs advanced monitoring capabilities to efficiently protect large-scale operations.

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Monitor and Protect Your People and Assets in Real Time

The Live Earth platform is a data integrator that allows for teams to command and control disparate systems under one unified view. Teams can easily set up alerts and tailored use cases without the need for additional engineering or project resources, resulting in overall cost savings.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to learn and use, and can quickly integrate with existing workflows for a seamless transition. The real-time alert system gives enterprises the ability to remain proactive while leveraging the multitude of data streams available on Live Earth’s common operating platform.

See Live Earth in Action

California Fires
Progressions of air quality, fires, wind direction altogether with critical infrastructure such as power lines/generation, cell towers, etc. This is the only platform that is bringing many dimensions together dynamically.
Aggregate time series data of environmental infrastructure like stream gauges, wind patterns, and earthquakes. Taking advantage of macro and micro level viewing resolutions.
Emergency Response
Roll back time-series data to identify the perpetrator of a shooting while improving first responder safety. Instant operational insights in real time and for after action reporting.
Aerial Administration
The 2D & 3D Digital Twin Model of NYC & Northern Europe for Command & Control of Aerial Vehicles and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) Drones.

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