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Telecommunications Retailer uses Operational Analytics to Plan for Hurricane Ian

live analytics for hurricane Ian

As Hurricane Ian continues toward Florida, one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States begins to prepare their team and customers leveraging operational analytics from their Live Earth platform.

With so many different types of business analytics from statistical, descriptive, predictive, data-led, AI/ML trained and operational to name a few, here is a simple but impactful example of operational analytics of how this retailer was able to prepare for a major hurricane.

Hurricane Ian has a prediction code impacting Southern Florida combined with an expected impact on Customer Experience. This telecom retailer was able to properly plan and communicate with retail stores operations and customers in the area creating a chloropleth representation by zip code.

Using a real-time filter to identify the impacted zip codes and stores, they developed a clear operational action. Firstly, to notify the impacted stores with instructions for employees to stay-at-home. Secondly, to notify through customer channels that they will be in digital only mode until the storm passes.

Leveraging Live Earth to help with the proactive planning allowed this large retailer to effectively plan and communicate with employees and customers. To learn more about how Live Earth can help your organization better plan for major events and make better decisions faster, Contact Us today.

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