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Dynamic mapping

Real-time analytics

AI-driven insights

Effectively manage network operations with Live Earth's data streaming solution.

The Challenges in Telecommunications

As the telecom industry evolves, operators must manage complex network infrastructures, ensure uninterrupted service, and deliver superior customer experiences. Live Earth's platform is engineered to help you navigate these operational challenges effectively.

Essential Tool for Telecom Operators

Network Optimization

Utilize real-time data to optimize network traffic, manage bandwidth allocation, and reduce downtime.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Oversee your entire infrastructure with a comprehensive geospatial view, detecting potential issues before they impact service.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Leverage predictive analytics for effective disaster response and recovery, minimizing service interruption during critical events.

Customer Experience Management

Integrate customer data with geospatial intelligence to resolve issues proactively and refine the customer service journey.

Features and Benefits


Ensure robust network uptime with preemptive infrastructure monitoring.


Reduce operational costs with AI-powered optimization and predictive maintenance.


Stay ahead with insights gained from real-time analytics to drive service improvements.

Customer Loyalty

Enhance customer retention through improved service reliability and incident response times.

Live Earth in Action

Network Monitoring

Chronic network issue identified from correlating, brand sentiment, social unrest, and network data that would otherwise not be detected as an outage with the existing network monitoring.

5G Battlefield
Outmaneuver the competition with a 5G dashboard. See in real-time where your 5G rollout is performing relative to the competition based on sales, consumer sentiment, and 5G coverage.

Live Earth’s platform has been a game-changer for our network operations center. The real-time insights into our network have allowed us to be more proactive in maintaining service continuity.

Jane Smith,

Network Operations Manager, GlobalComms

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