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Track Critical Events in Real-Time

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Improve QoS

Enhance your Quality of Service (QoS) by viewing powerful layers of data in one intuitive data visualization platform taking business intelligence to a new level for these organizations.

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See the Big Picture

Monitor the utilities and energy data of thousands of IoT sensors, gauges and fleet vehicles in one place on Live Earth’s unified data streaming platform.

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Faster Response

Our real-time alerts system allows you to instantly inform operators and service fleets of critical changes in conditions for faster response times and system-wide corrective measures.

Monitor, speed up and enhance powerful layers of data

Rapid Response to Rapid Changes

Utilities need instant access to a vast network of assets, IoT sensors and other data streams to optimize their operations, minimize outages and improve financial performance.

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Take Quick Action with Real-Time Utility Analytics

Utility companies are responsible for monitoring thousands of critical data sources, from sensors to gauges to fleet vehicles. In order to efficiently forecast external events and identify outages, you need to be able to extract critical information from multiple data silos at once.

Live Earth’s real-time data streaming analytics platform improves your utilities or energy company’s Quality of Service (QoS). Visualize historic real-time data to better track storms, monitor power outages and stay on top of critical environmental incidents.

See Live Earth in Action

Impact of Natural Disasters
Identify the root cause of non-obvious impacts to aviation fuel supply by a hurricane hitting the gulf coast of the US knocking out power supply to pumping stations suppling fuel to the Virginia area.
Correlate Multi-Layer Data
Track storms, power outages, and service response to improve QoS. Monitor data sources across regions with a common operational picture visualizing correlated multi-layer data.

California Fires

Progressions of air quality, fires, wind direction altogether with critical infrastructure such as power lines/generation, cell towers, etc. Live Earth is the only platform that is bringing many dimensions together dynamically.

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