Empower Your Utility Operations

with Advanced Mapping, Real-Time Analytics, and AI-Driven Insights

Improve Utility Operations


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Harness the power of Live Earth to track and respond to critical events in real-time.

The Challenges Facing Utility Providers

Today's utility providers are navigating a landscape of aging infrastructure, increased demand, stringent regulations, and the need for sustainable practices. Live Earth's platform delivers the capabilities to address these complex challenges effectively.

Why Live Earth is Indispensable for Utilities

Grid Optimization

Identify and respond to incidents faster with Manage and distribute resources efficiently with Live Earth’s real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

Asset Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your infrastructure, from power lines to pipelines, using Live Earth’s comprehensive mapping and alert systems.

Sustainability Initiatives

Leverage data-driven insights to drive your sustainability efforts, reducing environmental impact while maintaining service quality.

Customer Outage Management

Respond to outages faster with real-time situational awareness, minimizing downtime and enhancing customer communication.

Features and Benefits


Strengthen grid reliability with advanced predictive analytics for weather and load forecasting.


Monitor critical assets to prevent incidents and ensure worker safety with integrated geospatial data.


Maintain regulatory compliance with real-time environmental monitoring and reporting tools.


Improve customer trust with transparent and responsive outage management and communication.

Live Earth in Action

Impact of Natural Disasters
Identify the root cause of non-obvious impacts to aviation fuel supply by a hurricane hitting the gulf coast of the US knocking out power supply to pumping stations suppling fuel to the Virginia area.
Correlate Multi-Layer Data
Track storms, power outages, and service response to improve QoS. Monitor data sources across regions with a common operational picture visualizing correlated multi-layer data.

California Fires

Progressions of air quality, fires, wind direction altogether with critical infrastructure such as power lines/generation, cell towers, etc. Live Earth is the only platform that is bringing many dimensions together dynamically.

Adopting Live Earth has significantly improved our response times to outages, and the platform's predictive analytics help us anticipate and mitigate potential disruptions before they occur.

Michael Chen

Director of Grid Operations, PowerSolutions Inc.

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