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Data Platform Updates and Use Cases from Live Earth

The Live Earth data platform is transforming how organizations make critical business decisions through our operational analytics and data enrichment platform.

The Live Earth team is excited to share our latest updates, which will showcase the issues we’re helping solve, like automating actionable insights for the world’s top organizations. Additionally, we’ve included some recent thought leadership pieces that dive into how business intelligence transforms organizations like yours.

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Real World Data Enrichment Updates in the Live Earth Platform

As we integrate various data sources throughout the year, we frequently receive input from our clients regarding the usefulness of these sources in supporting data-driven decision-making. Here are some of the noteworthy new data source additions to the Live Earth data platform. READ MORE

See Live Earth in Action

Live Earth’s platform offers an effortless solution for unifying millions of data points, as demonstrated by its live videos. You can effortlessly navigate through the platform to monitor real-time activities or access historical data from previous events. Live Earth provides visual solutions tailored to diverse industries. To see the platform in action, WATCH VIDEOS.

We’re Growing

New Corporate Headquarters

We’re excited to share that we moved our corporate headquarters from Austin to Dallas, Texas, earlier this year. As the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is home to many corporations (some of which are Live Earth clients). This relocation has moved us closer to many of our clients and partners and also provides convenient access to air travel options for our employees and clients. Feel free to stop in for coffee sometime!

Our new office is located at: 8350 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1900, Dallas, Texas 75206 

Live Earth Patents

As we continue to grow the Live Earth platform to solve important data issues for our clients, we often find opportunities to build something unique to help our clients. As a result, we’ve recently been awarded two new patents for the following:

Data Serialization Optimization Patent: This patent presents an innovative approach to data transmission that efficiently packs data in a more optimized manner, reducing network and storage requirements. It specifically addresses data transmission with known schema, compressing data by identifying repetitive patterns and representing them with shorter codes. This approach is useful in scenarios requiring large data transmission or storage, such as big data or cloud computing. The patent also includes a system for implementing the method, with software for compressing and decompressing data and hardware for processing compressed data. Overall, this patent advances data transmission by reducing resources needed to transmit and store large amounts of data.

Geospatial Coordinate Representation Optimization Patent: This is a method of making geospatial locations smaller and easier to share or save. To do this, the system creates a grid of small sections on a map of the earth, and puts each location into the closest section. Then, each location is given a smaller code or name instead of the full location. The system also tells you how to get the original location back from the code. This method is helpful for storing and sharing a lot of geospatial data more easily.

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