Live Earth software dashboard for telecommunications

Real-Time Insights from Non-Obvious Correlations for Network Operations Management Teams

Telecommunications companies and network operation management teams are faced with a wide variety of disparate data sources to determine their tower’s quality of service and what resources should be deployed to keep their service operating at optimal capacity. Filtering through brand sentiment through weather and radar, social feeds, IoT sensors and devices, drone activity are just to name a few. By bringing all of this data together, on a common operational view, users are able to quickly determine the right course of action to resolve issues. Additionally, by bringing together their data layers, they have the advantage of recognizing non-obvious correlations between data layers to be able to proactively manage their assets and quite possibly adjust operating procedures.

What are some of the key benefits of Live Earth for Network Operations Management teams?

Improve Risk Management and Resource Planning

  • Identify Market Risk Signals – Aggregate social unrest, traffic, weather, among other signals to identify risk in your market. Visualize and create alarms to enable your risk management team of a pending event.
  • Manage Private Network Deployments – Use disparate data from external sources to uncover non-obvious correlations for proactive network operations resource management and planning.

Increase Revenue Assurance with Proactive Asset Monitoring

  • Monitor Store Channels & Trends – Know where your transactions are coming from.
  • Consumer Sentiment – Transaction monitoring helps to better understand how your brand is performing from social channels.
  • Insights From Competitors – Data analytics help you to understand the impact of your transactions relative to competitor campaigns.

Enhance Customer Quality of Service with a Central Communications System

  • Monitor Live Weather Events – Understand the impact of weather, lightning and floods for outages, service needs, and repairs.
  • Understand Impacts of Social Disruption – Identify local incidents and critical scenarios that will impact usage.
  • Coverage Status of Towers and Sites – See which towers or cell cites have poor coverage by hour.

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