What Today’s Standard BI Platforms are Missing, and Why It’s Important

Live Earth Operational Analytics

Uncovering Operational Insights and Enabling Automated Controls at High Speed

Organizations are gaining data at a rapid pace, and yet struggle with making fast, effective operational decisions important to the business. In fact, Chief Data Officers share one of their biggest struggles is keeping up with growing data and data analysis needs, yet controlling costs with the necessary Data Scientists and Data Analysts needed to make sense of the data.

At the same time, Business Intelligence (BI) platforms struggle in many of the following areas.

  • Only showing limited facets of an organization,
  • Focusing on static data, not continuously streaming data,
  • Not updating automatically, live in real-time, 
  • Limiting visualizations to basic charts, not interactive and geo-temporal displays, and
  • Requiring advanced training and development.

Because of these limitations in most traditional BI tools, data analysis is taking longer with more Data Analysts, and even when the issues are identified, it’s too late. What is needed is Operational Analytics in real-time to make faster, better decisions.

Live Earth Operational Analytics

With Live Earth’s operational analytics platform, we are addressing these issues for many of the world’s largest organizations by providing the following.

  • Aggregate all data silos for an organization,
  • Combine our own 3rd party streaming feeds with an organization’s data,
  • Find auto-generated insights amongst the combined data,
  • Alert on critical events & insights as fast as possible,
  • Allow someone to replay interesting and notable events or scenarios,
  • Make sharing findings and insights easy and accessible to both systems and users,
  • Allow for insights to turn into control, without the need for human interaction or delay,
  • Make our insights explainable and transparent, and
  • Visualize data and insights on a beautiful and interactive UI.

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