Insights From Our Live Data Stream Experts

Live Earth’s library of whitepapers was written by data visualization experts and practitioners who intimately track industry trends and best practices. Learn more about how to leverage data at your enterprise by downloading Live Earth’s whitepapers below.

Anomaly Detection

In today’s data-driven landscape, protecting valuable information is paramount. Anomaly Detection emerges as a game-changer in data security. This whitepaper is your guide to understanding its potential. Join us as we explore how this technology empowers organizations to proactively safeguard their data assets. Stay ahead of potential breaches and embrace the future of data security with confidence.

Event Correlation

In the fast-paced world of data analysis, deriving actionable insights from a flood of events is crucial. Enter Event Correlation—a transformative tool redefining data interpretation. This whitepaper is your guide to maximizing operational efficiency. Discover the core principles and practical applications that will propel your business to new heights of intelligence and productivity. Embrace Event Correlation and lead with data-driven confidence.

The Importance of Big Data Relief & Prevention

Big Data involves a huge amount of information, but only a portion of that information is used to facilitate better disaster response. Technology continues to quickly advance while emergency communications continue to fall short of meeting its full potential. We’ll examine how Big Data can aid in future disaster crises.

Leverage Data to Protect Your Staff & Facilities

Whether you run a mom & pop shop or a major multinational corporation, one of your greatest concerns is protecting your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, the processes and systems in place for asset protection often remain inefficient. Organizations lack real-time, location-based data and alerts that alert them of threats to their resources, including extreme weather, crime, traffic issues, and social unrest.

Seaport Operations & Revenue Maximization

As the globalization of world trade accelerates, the importance of achieving operational speed without sacrificing accuracy is paramount to the success of all stakeholders in the international trading system — from shippers to logistics service providers, terminal operators, and carriers, to retailers, consumers and end-users of the transported goods.

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