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Systems to Consider to Improve Operational Efficiency

The emergence and improvement of technology in the past decade has revolutionized how companies—both big and small—operate. Technology helps eliminate delays in the workflow, improve products, and accelerate the production and distribution of products. As a result, operational efficiency is enhanced, business operations are streamlined, and companies’ profitability increases. This article gets into the details of business tech systems that will improve operational efficiency.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Business insights are essential if you plan to increase efficiency in your company. The IoT is a system or network of internet-connected devices, which can collect and analyze useful business insights. Currently, about 7% of mature companies and 14% of developing companies have implemented or are in the process of implementing the IoT. The IoT allows businesses to track inventory and resource usage and downtime experience. It can also detect defects in an organization’s operations. With this information, companies can enhance operations, improve products, provide better services to their customers, and improve their profits and competitiveness.

Wireless Access

Nowadays, remote working is the order of the day. Both customers and employees want to access business services conveniently and reliably from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, using mobile devices for computing and communicating improves operational efficiency in multiple ways. These include streamlining processes, such as logistics and distribution management, saving on communication costs, and boosting employee productivity by allowing them to work from anywhere. However, security is a big concern, which, when not observed, may pose adverse risks.

Global Communication Networks

The world has become one small village thanks to technological advancements. Now, companies can conduct business with customers and suppliers who are located anywhere in the world. For instance, online data and money transfers, e-commerce, and air transport have improved business efficiency by allowing many businesses to reach a wider clientele. Online video conferencing and improved logistics infrastructure accelerate business operations by facilitating the establishment of end-to-end supply chains worldwide.

Intent-Based Networks

These intelligent networks can collect, analyze, and optimize data and traffic reports to improve security. The few businesses that are ahead of the curve have reduced the time and cost companies use to market their new products or services and significantly decrease infrastructure costs. Moreover, the insights help companies evolve their operations to facilitate survival and growth in the ever-changing markets.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are responsible for the automation of business processes. These technologies observe, learn, predict, and identify patterns and anomalies that can optimize and automate business processes. Automation results in improved customer experience and satisfaction, for instance, when Chatbots are used to communicate with clients directly, resulting in faster and more efficient services. AI technology can also improve employee productivity and morale by effectively delegating several tasks and automating workflows.


Improving enterprise business intelligence and operational efficiency are a proven ways for businesses to remain visible, viable, relevant, and preferable in a dynamic business environment. Adopting technologies like wireless access, IoT, AI, machine learning, global communication networks, and intent-based networks will ensure you run your business efficiently in 2021 and beyond.

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